Via is a brand of high quality handmade porcelain and ceramic design by Szilvia Vágó from Budapest, Hungary.

The design of Via objects is defined by search of harmony and balance with the conception that the person's inner poise and serenity is hugely determined by the fidelity of one's environmental utensils.

The choice of shape and material efforts to compose an amalgam of tactile and visual perception aesthetics. The complete comprehension of these natural, organic forms comes with a touch, a grasp, an embrace through everyday enjoyment, being imbued with life by their user.

Via has a variety of design lines including independent decorative pieces, smaller signature series as well as elaborate dainty utensils for day-to-day life. The diverse application of material, colour and glaze, as well as combining fusion of elements are intrinsic to a various use in the design of Via objects.

All pieces are manufactured individually with personal touch and control of the designer, so they receive the brand's hallmark.