handmade porcelain vessel for tea, muesli, salat or soup

Aplysia vessel - available in sinistral and dextral versions - is a bowl made of glazed Limoges porcelain.

The playful search for harmonious ergonomic forms is intended to give a new way of drinking and eating habits: it can be held in hand in different ways due to personal preferencies. Besides it is easy to drink from it, you can use it with spoon or fork also. Thanks to this, Aplysia is perfect not only as a tea-vessel, but for serving soup, salad or muesli. Symmetrical pieces make a pair, so it is easier to choose your own personal favorite. Aplysia pair is suitable as a two-person gift or as a wedding gift.

Accolades: The design was a prize-winner in Porcelain category at Unesco Fabdesign contest.

Hallmark: Via handmade fine porcelain logo ensures Aplysia vessel's quality.

Product properties: High quality, handmade, solid Limoges porcelain with foodsafe transparent glaze and porcelain paint logo. Dishwasher safe logo and materials

Dimensions: 15 × 11 cm in size, 6 cm high, 2 dl in volume